The Man Behind The Camera

7+ Years: Passion and Love for Photography

Ever since I purchased my first DSLR, there hasn’t been one day where I haven’t gone without taking a photo. I even brought it and used it on my wedding day, lol. Everywhere I go, my camera is sure to follow. It’s been over 7+ years that I’ve been a photographer; and to be quite honest, it still feels just as thrilling as the first day.

SDSU: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

I’m not going to lie… having a background in marketing has been one of the most valuable and important decisions of my life. Understanding photography and having a degree in art can only get you so far. Knowing the concepts of marketing and knowing the psychology of why people purchase the things they do is one of the reasons why I get to do this full-time.

Traveling: Yes, I do Destination Projects

Being a commercial photographer definitely has its perks. Traveling by far is one of my favorite ones ;) Taking a day off, and just snapping photos of nature and landscapes is truly a blessing.

Hard Work: My Professionalism & Work Ethic

Simply put, I’m a commercial photographer who gets results. Any job that I take on is handled professionally from start to finish. I have fast turnarounds and keep everyone well informed and excited about my progress. Since I’m doing what I love, I honestly feel like I’m not working at all. This allows me to put in 12 hour days like nothing ;)

” Not many people can say they do what they love for a living…  I’m just happy to be one of them!”