What’s the FREE phone consultation?

I offer a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to discuss all of the details of your project. In this call, we’ll go through some simple questions that will help us better define your project. TRUST ME when I say, this is much more productive than email ;)

How much do you charge for photography?
Each and every photography project that I take on is truly unique. Once we discuss your details I can send you a detailed custom quote.

How big does the project have to be?
Big or small… I can do it all :)

  • I’ve done projects that have required me to bring a big team
  • I’ve done projects where I show up with a simple setup
  • It can be as simple or as complicated as it needs to be

Questions I ask before a shoot:

  • Where will the job occur?
  • What is the intended set up?
  • What is the intended use of the photographs?
  • What or who will be included?
  • What is the main goal of the photographs?

Are you available to travel?
Yes, I would love to hear more about your project and help you create the best possible images.

Where are you located?
I’m based out of sunny San Diego, California :D